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Residential Locksmith

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Fondant Fancy

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Cappuccino coffee

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cup cake

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Angel food cake

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Jaffa Cakes

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coffee cake

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hash brown

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our menu

  • espresso yen


    Vanilla,Cinnamon Dolce,Vanilla Iced Coffee.

  • americano


    frappe , lundo ,galao

  • Turkish coffee


    Moka, Café Cubano, Caffè crema

  • Doppio


    Espresso Romano , Guillermo ,Ristretto

  • With milk coffee


    Antoccino , Breve ,Café au lait ,Café bombón

  • Combinations


    Coffee with espresso , Coffee with tea

  • Angel food cake


    Egg whites, vanilla, and cream of tartar

  • Blackout cake


    Chocolate pudding, chocolate layers

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