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Web Design

We proudly offer state of the art web design and development services.

We offer low cost hosting and maintenance packages for every website we build.

We offer custom video production and have hundreds of videos in our video library that have already been produced that we can brand with your business name and contact details very easily saving you hundreds of dollars on video production costs. We offer promo videos from $575.00 to $995.00

We offer package deals that include web design, promo video, graphics, search engine optimization, as well as hosting and maintenance packages that can easily save you hundreds of dollars.

We offer lead generation services, email marketing services, social marketing services, mobile app development, graphic art design services, Facebook Fan Page construction, content and copywriting services, banner creation, e-book creation, and custom software design and development.

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Phone : +1 (541) 377-2997
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Web Design & Development

We offer 3 solutions for web design and development. We can design and build your website for you for as low as $395 for a lead generation website, or we can build a complete business website for you for one time fee of $1997 $1295 or you can get the business website/promo video combination package deal for just $1997 

                     (domain name $15 per year, hosting and maintenance $12.95 per month not included) 


  • Lead Generation Website $395

  • Complete Deluxe Business Site $1997 $1295

  • Complete Deluxe Business Site/Promo Video Package $1997

  • Let Us Do The Work - Websites Starting at $395 (up to 3 hours included)

    Additional design and development time if needed will be charged at $15 per hour. Everything included, HTML, CSS, Javascript, graphic arts, etc.

web development

Web Design includes the overall  look and feel of the site, the colors, the fonts, the layout, and putting it all together in a fashion that is pleasing to the eyes. Web Development on the other hand encompasses just how exactly all the aspects of your website work together like a well oiled machine. Ease of navigation is important as is the speed of loading, and the direction in which your site guides your visitor to complete the actions you intended whether it be to subscribe to your newsletter or make an online purchase, this is where the web development of your website needs to be well thought out and constructed.

                     (domain name, hosting and maintenance not included) 

  • Lead Generation Website $395

  • Complete Deluxe Business Site $1997 $1295

  • Complete Deluxe Business Site/Promo Video Package $1997

  • Let Us Do The Work - Websites Starting at $395 (up to 3 hours included)

    Additional design and development time if needed will be charged at $15 per hour. Everything included, HTML, CSS, Javascript, graphic arts, etc.


One of the key factors for any business to ignite and take off is proper branding of the business to where it becomes as well known as your favorite peanut butter and jelly. Several key elements play a crucial part in your branding and we can help you with each one.

  • Logo design. Does your logo signify your brand, colors, service?

  • Website Design. Does your website relate to your product or service well, and does the colors of your logo match the colors of your website? How easy is it for your customers to navigate your site, and is it responsive to whatever device they are viewing it from, PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc..

  • Social Marketing. Does your business have an active social presence?

  • Have you incorporated the use of video marketing in your mix?



  • Something as simple as taking photos and posting them online is one step in the right direction to give your customers something to Like, Share, and comment on... Nowadays our cellphones are capable of producing high quality digital pictures and make it too easy to post online, if you're not doing this you are missing out big time.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words... Imagine telling your customer how great your special of the week is compared with showing them a picture?

  • Ask for testimonials and take a photo of the customer giving the testimonial and post it on your website along with their photo. This type of social proof goes a long way in getting more customers.

  • A few minutes a day with your cell phone camera will really pay off...

Marketing Online

The old way of advertising just isn't working anymore. TV, newspaper and radio ads had their place in history, but your advertising dollars are better invested in marketing your business online, and we are online advertising experts who know how to advertise online and where to advertise online in order to attract your target market effectively. 

  • Lead Generation pages and Email Marketing helps you not only create a database of customers quickly and easily but will allow you to contact them on auto-pilot with a monthly newsletter, weekly specials, or holiday greetings, etc. Keeping in contact with your customers builds loyalty.

  • Social Marketing is important and should not be ignored. Having a great looking Facebook Fanpage will help your advertising grow on auto-pilot. Once everything is set up you just post interesting pictures, stories, and videos that your customers will want to share on their Facebook pages, and all of their friends will see it, and possibly like it, comment, and share it, and maybe even Like your Fanpage!

  • Video Marketing... If you own a business, you need a promotional video because that video will work for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year telling your story, and the fact is people love watching videos and you can use it on your website, and on every social network you are on.

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Need your website to be interactive? No problem. We can create online testing for your clients, you just provide the questions and answers, we do the rest!

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If you want a website that will do more than just sit there and look pretty, then you've come to the right place. We build websites that will help your business grow, and increase your bottom line. We think a website should be an asset, not a liability, so we listen to you and design your website according to your business needs, whether you want it to provide your business with new targeted leads or customers, or whether you want to offer your products for sale online in a direct response e-commerce website, we can build your site to whatever specs you need. 

When we put our name at the bottom of your website, you can rest assured you have what it takes to ignite your business and take it to the next level.

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